It is my pleasure to introduce you to my Career Transition and School Admissions consulting practice, for which I left the worlds of law and business strategy consulting to dedicate myself full-time.

The mission of my practice is to help my clients excel by serving in their corner as a second brain, consultant, and enabler of success. Whether our goal is graduate school admission, developing a strong resume and targeted personal package, or embarking on a full career transition, I strive to leave my client in a vastly improved position compared to where he or she would have been without our collaboration.

Through pointed questions, collaborative brainstorming, and informal conversation, I try to bring out my client’s most attractive qualities – frequently, you will end up seeing things about yourself, your qualifications, your background, or the unique assets you bring that you previously didn’t realize were there. My pledge is to be prompt, attentive, always available, and to bring to bear the full extent of my intellectual capital and past experience for the benefit of my clients. I view each client as a personal investment, and my success depends on yours.

Some unique assets I bring to my practice:

1. Successful former strategy consultant and competitive intelligence practitioner.

2. Harvard Law alumnus and Ivy League degree-holder in Economics.

3. Former interviewer and reviewer of applications & resumes for both college and prior employers.

4. Successful capture of competitive professional positions in both consulting and law.

5. Deep experience in new business development and strategy.

6. Multiple years of past experience helping clients gain admission to top schools and capture great jobs.

7. Intensive, personalized dedication to my clients – I take on only a few at a time.

8. Low-cost, value-based consulting – I strive to charge less and be better than the competition.

9. I love what I do!

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